Veterans and Personal Injury Claims

Seeking complimentary and alternative health care as a veteran?
Auto or workplace accident?
We can help.

Nature’s Balance can now provide assistance for:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Workman’s Compensation Claims
  • Veterans Choice / Non-VA Care Programs

Personal Injury & Workman’s Compensation Claims

Injured in a vehicular wreck, a slip, trip or fall, or a workplace accident? Don’t settle for medications and care that may not get to the root of the problem. Give us a call at 815-788-8383 and we can work with you toward recovery. It’s critical that injuries sustained in an accident not be delayed in treatment. Give us a call right away and we can help work with you and your team to ensure a balanced and holistic approach to your care.

Proudly Serving Our Veterans

Our office is proud to be certified as part of both the Veterans Choice and Non-VA Care Programs. This allows our veterans to receive complementary and alternative care from a community provider such as Nature’s Balance for traumatic brain injuries, chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The Army’s former surgeon general, Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker is a powerful advocate of TCM. Here are a few quotes from the General:

“What we’re doing here is to open the aperture . . . to a much wider range of modalities that can be applied to the management of both acute and chronic pain, and they’re largely focused on the results of pretty careful studies.”

“In fact, the use of acupuncture for pain management is almost mainline.”

“We’re now using it in the battlefield, even in the special operations community and other places with much success.”

The Veterans Access, Choice, Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014 is a law that expands the number of options Veterans have for receiving care to ensure Veterans have timely access to high-quality care. The Veterans Choice Program (VCP) provides primary care, inpatient and outpatient specialty care, and mental health care for eligible Veterans when their local VA Medical Center (VAMC) cannot provide services due to:

  • Lack of available Specialists
  • Extended wait times for appointments at a VA Medical Center
  • Extraordinary distance from the Veteran’s home to the VA Medical Center.

Veterans Choice Program Eligibility Details

To be eligible for the Veterans Choice Program, a Veteran must be enrolled in VA Health Care and meet AT LEAST ONE of the following Criteria.

  • The Veteran is told by his/her local VA medical facility that they will not be able to schedule an appointment for care either within 30 days of the date the Veteran's physician determines he/she needs to be seen, or within 30 days of the date he/she wishes to be seen.
  • The Veteran lives more than 40 miles driving distance from a VA Medical Facility with a full-time primary care physician.
  • The Veteran faces an unusual or excessive burden in traveling to a VA medical facility based on geographic challenges, environmental factors, or a medical condition.  Staff at the Veteran's local VA medical facility will work with him/her to determine if he/she is eligible for any of these reasons.
  • The Veteran's specific health care needs, including the nature and frequency of the care needed, warrants participation in the program. Staff at the Veteran's local VA medical facility will work with him/her to determine if he/she is eligible for any of these reasons.

To verify eligibility, Veterans must call the VA Choice Program call center at: 866-606-8198.

We encourage you to contact our office for more information - 815-788-8383. Please visit the links below for additional Veterans Choice Program Resources:


Depression and Anxiety

All the time and money spent over the last thirty years along with all the medications have done nothing for me. Nature’s Balance has done more for me and I am glad I came to them.

Linda - St. Charles, IL